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Download a document

First of all, to Report an Occurrence Offline the User has to download a document by clicking on the 'Download' button.

A document will be downloaded, open it with 'Adobe Reader' . Fill the required information and save it in your computer.

Upload the document

Then, click on the 'Upload' button.  You can upload only 1 document by 'Drag and drop' or by selecting them from your computer

You can see if the document has been uploaded correctly or not. And you can delete it by clicking on the 'x' button

Additional documents

You are able to attach more documents or click on the 'Continue' button to go to the next step

Personal details

The ‘Personal Details’ section can be filled in, optionally by unregistered users:

  • This section will appear only if the user is not logged in.

  • It is not mandatory for them to fill them in.

Submit the Occurrence

To submit the Occurrence you have to click on the 'Submit' button located on the top of the page. The record will now be saved in the data base as Original Report.

Automatic confirmation email will be sent, only if the user has provided the email or is logged in.